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Unicycle Race Service


Since 2014 we have been supporting clubs in organizing unicycling events. We looked after local and national championships with registration, planning, timekeeping and results. Registration for competitions can be processed online via this website. The publication of start- and result-lists is also possible.

Extensive technical equipment enables us to time track races, IUF slalom and long-distance races. A scoreboard is connected directly to the time measurement via WLAN, and displays the results after evaluating the target photos. The time can be tracked on an automatic stopwatch during the race. In addition, the clock stops as soon as the first starter crosses the finish line.

After evaluating the target photos, the results are transferred directly to an Excel-based evaluation. Result lists per discipline and age group are created after the required results are available.

The creation of the certificates per discipline or participant certificates are also taken over. The template of the certificates can be flexibly adapted. If desired, certificates can be automatically emailed to the participants in PDF format.


Unicycle races will take place on the day of the competition, regardless of the weather conditions. In the past, events were handled with heavy rain in Oelde, the nordic wind in Elmshorn and bright sunshine in Warendorf. Due to the support of the organizer, the necessary technology can usually be set up within two to three hours before start of the event.

After a short briefing, the timing of the IUF slalom can be taken by the organizer's staff. The lane controls on the video screen can also be taken over by the organizer after a short briefing. Two to three assistances are necessary in the starting area to handle the track races.

During the ECM-2022, Mathias Brake set a new world record in IUF slalom. We were allowed to take the time and do the necessary documentation. Thanks to the GPS calibrated measurement technology, the measurement achieves the required accuracy.


If desired, you can register for a competition via this website. The required personal data can be entered for a single participant or for a group; this requires user registration on this website. Each registration is confirmed by email.

The creation of the start lists is based on the data from the registration portal of this website. If desired, the registration data can also be handover as an Excel file. An Excel template is provided for importing the data. The start list is generated in accordance with the IUP rules and the announcement for the event.

The necessary battery-operated technology is provided and the staff is instructed for timekeeping in the IUF slalom. The results are assigned directly to the participants stored in the measurement system. All results are also transferred to the central evaluation via WIFI.

Typically, the large LED display and the stopwatch as well as a target camera are set up inside the stadium. If desired, a cable bridge can be provided in the target area to the interior if no cable tunnel is available. The data connection between start and finish is ensured via radio links.

In the starting area, the sound sequence for the start is generated electronically. At the same time, early start monitoring is carried out in real time using a laser light barrier for each lane. Each early start is automatically assigned to the cause and recorded in the evaluation. The starter list and current measurement data are shown on the display of the starting system.

On the home stretch, the races are recorded on video and checked live on the screen. Violations of the rules may lead to disqualification. The start of the one-leg races will also be monitored and evaluated by video.

Two high-speed cameras record the finish line for evaluation. At the same time, a lateral video recording is made to record any violations of the rules at the finish. The stopwatch records the first finish. The finish is evaluated directly and the results are shown on the LED display. As soon as the races of an age group are completed, the result lists are created

Fotos: Thomas Höser, EGM und weitere.
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